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Director's Message

Stefan Duma in helmet lab


Welcome to the Institute for Critical Technology and Applied Science. Our goal is to advance transformative, interdisciplinary research by facilitating the exchange of ideas and expertise and giving faculty the tools to collaborate on ambitious, high-impact projects.

Talented researchers working together across disciplinary boundaries can find robust, sustainable solutions to complex challenges in areas including materials science, data analytics, biomechanics, and autonomous systems — fields whose breadth and impact is expanding rapidly with the accelerating pace of technological change. As traditionally separate research areas converge, interdisciplinary collaboration can help realize the full potential of new technologies and inform their implementation.

Our vision for ICTAS is to act as an exponential multiplier for those efforts, connecting faculty with the right resources at the right time — whether that’s shared facilities, instrumentation, or the support to pursue a big research opportunity. We’re committed to advancing Virginia Tech’s mission as a global land-grant university by helping to build a research ecosystem where innovation thrives. That commitment includes creating new learning experiences for students — the next generation of innovators — and engaging with initiatives to foster an inclusive community, where we can reap the full benefit of diverse talents and perspectives.

ICTAS has built a reputation as an institute that can help faculty turn their most creative ideas into experimental results and then into technologies that can transform lives. We’re proud to play a part in that process, and looking forward to seeing the research that will come to fruition in the decades ahead.

Stefan Duma